Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bungee jumping

i just saw a video of one of my friends throw himself off from a 134 meter high structure. how do you think he would have felt??
you get ready for the adventure strap yourself up, encourage your self and also listen to voices around you say cmon buddy you can do it... its just an awesome feeling,the rush of blood to your head, the palpitations is something you have to experience. its easy ..i did it last week come on ...if i can do it...so can you...you just have to tell yourself that this is going to be easy. after all the encouraging talks you muster up some courage and tip toe towards that cliff from where you take off into heaven or hell??? i really have a doubt about that.
after listening to the voices in your head you finally decide to do it. your heart continues to vibrate and your legs?? can you actually feel them anymore? that is when you look down into the space beneath you. so vast, empty and waiting for you.its almost like a giant trap waiting to grab you into its arms. you feel the butterflies in your stomach and your head is clouded with tonnes of mixed feelings. you finally overcome you fears and tell yourself -this is it this is it..you tell yourself a million times before you finally let go. its like jumping into this massive monsters mouth...his orifice opens revealing the long strands of saliva hanging like a rope between two enormous teeth. you let go....
All you feel is the heavy gust of wind slapping you left, right and center and trying to rip your clothes apart and reveal your naked body to the entire universe and then pull off each organ part by part and feed it to his young ones. everyone around you is just woo hooing for having accomplished such a wonderful task. when you feel like you are losing yourself completely...you re surge to life!!!! soon you open your eyes to see your self swaying like a pendulum in that cosmic space.... you regain your senses and start breathing normally.
as i was watching this video i paused to think about the purpose of this little so called adventure. its more like a sadistic pleasure of wanting to kill your self....you are almost there...you reach that particular point and bam...you are back to reality. you finally see yourself breathing again.
what do you gain?? though all these thoughts rush to my head i want to try it...


kannan said...

Nothing like an adventure in a life time. "Bungee Jumping " , is actually fun if are strong in the head & physically. Lots of people do it.
I saw a 90 yr man dive from 100 feet in Punjab into the water. Imagine only few can achieve such thrilling experiece.
Yes the blog inf is great & your style alo good. Keep blogging & your will master the art.
Good luck,

Mystique said...

Its a complete different perspective to something that I've only heard is AWESOME.. but this side now scares me not to venture into it..

Feedback from a pro..hehe..
Awesome language grasp and wonderful sentence construction.. You should write more... dont stop..:)

Love ya

surya said...

This reminds me of this woman i saw bungee...a new mother...walked towards the line carrying her child, where almost everyone were extremely nervous..but she was cool !
i was surprised to see she didn't hesitate went straight ahead ( completely relaxed )* when she reached the top I thought she was going to back out..but no she fastened her straps. She didn't even need the pep talk !
she jumped facing back!!!
almost everyone standing below were speechless
Her husband was standing below holding the baby and watching her, he seemed more nervous than her.The best part is when she came down she jus broke into a small smile which soon disappeared.she held her baby n went back.
and i was just standing there wondering what the F%^& just happened?!
If it was me ...this whole bungee would have been the biggest drama of the century ...haha but i really admire that woman.
mini u shud try bungee sometime :)

Its great you are writing now. I could never do it...Im dyslexic :P

yesitsme said...

manny thnaks a ton...i wil def write more :)

harsha said...

Well reading this blog reminds me of my own experience at 'Rappelling' .. what i went through trying to walk down a 3 storey building is similar to what u have explained ... shucks i was terrified and i cried as well :)... but the adrenaline rush can never be explained and i went right back n walked down the wall 3 more times.......Bungee jumping scares me even more but maybe we all should give it a shot at least once !!

your blog is good... keep writing ur skills will definitely become better n better... looking forward to more blogs from your end.. best of luck

ryan said...

i wanna see more of your comic... very interesting!!! :D