Saturday, November 8, 2008

life's like that

They often say that you never leave with the same person you enter with. They also say that birds of the same feather flock together!! How do you really identify the same bird in the first place?

You meet a person, strike the best conversation ever, laugh at everything you see and share a common interest…but suddenly one day you feel that that string which actually kept you together is on the verge of snapping any minute. What happened? There was no real tiff but a huge vacuum seems to have taken up residence.

A whole sense of awkwardness creeps in. You walk into a store and see the person with whom you’ve had the best times with…and suddenly out of no where a fake smile emerges on your face. This is so absurd (I whisper to myself) and immediately my brain starts to flip through random pages, so that I can pick out a topic that I can bring up, to break that tongue-tied situation. Where has the special bond vanished? Wasn’t she the bird from the same flock a while ago????

This is reality and life is like that….. A justification.