Thursday, April 29, 2010

its 3:25 pm

what is one supposed to do when you are stuck at this place in front of the computer, got nothing much to do other than stare at the screen fr 12 hrs straight,without having much of a choice to move away from the cunning world of internet???
well, my whole week seems molded comfortably into such a space.wait a minute did i say comfortably ??? i guess only time can tell!!!
i have exactly 4 windows open on my screen now. One is illustrator and the other three and internet tabs-facebook (but offcourse), gmail ( necessary evil) and my blog page- which seems like the only tab which is of some use to me and makes me feel like i have done something worth while in life.
well, guys...such is life- i rele miss the nonchalant attitude that college life had-at any given time i would be at chai gate pondering over the fact that i don have a job yet-well i hav a job now and now im pondering over the fact that im not at chai gate at this time of the day- i think its time for an Ahmadabad trip !!!!


Shivani Gakhar said...

yes yesss come to ahmedabad this weekend!!! :)

lilasvb said...

have a trip is always nice