Saturday, March 14, 2009

time out

I haven done justice to my blog in a while. One of my friends today inspired me to write something… so here I am, taking some time off from my monotonous schedule to fill in the space.
Last couple of weeks has been really hectic. First of all was the great scanning disaster. Only when you feel on top of the world and think that everything is going jus perfectly something wrong is bound to happen. Well, what is life without hurdles right??? It would be just like a smooth sailing boat which never hits a rock.
I scanned around thousand odd sheets of my animation. I spent around 30 hours in front of the computer scanning sheet by sheet. As the sheets were reducing the smile just grew bigger on my face. I transferred all my images only to find out that they were all pixilated and there were some random colors which appeared on every image. Well I had to “Re scan” the thousand odd images!!!! Well I know things could have just about gotten worse….like losing my sheets (I should lock them up and make copies of them and store them in a place far far away right now)
Anyways I’m up and about….started re-scanning….the only good thing about re-scanning is that my arms are becoming stronger ….. 


Shivani Gakhar said...

luuhhooooovveee the red-yellow-green thingie.. real nice.
why dont you make two copies and put them away in fire proof lockers at least a few miles away!!?/

heheh can't help the f.r.i.e.n.d.s talk hehehe

yesitsme said...

hahahahhah-i love u :)